Pufff began as a custom typeface for the Mota Italic Gallery’s first exhibition “Capital: Berliner Buchstaben”. Further revised and expanded, this single fffat typeface contains a bloated character set with wide language support and tons of features normally reserved for “refined” typography. Ever see an elephant doing ballet? Pufff is kinda like that.

Designed by: Rob Keller
Published in: 2013
Styles: 1 Font
Scripts: Latin, Greek, Cyrillic
№ of Characters: 1,073 glyphs

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Licenses from: €19

Nothing’s Heavier

One weight to rule them all. It’s more than bold, more than heavy, more than extra fffat, it’s obese. Pufff was recently named the heavy weight champion of fonts!

Pufff's gonna knock you out

I think that Pufff might not work very well on traffic signs, but is perfect pretty much anywhere else. Designers of book covers, handbills, and posters for advertising acid house parties, or of food and lifestyle magazines, will delight over the bold letter shapes of Pufff.
Frank Grießhammer
from Typographica’s Best Fonts of 2014

Black Hole Black

The buffet of OpenType features crammed into Pufff may seem daunting, but just loosen your belt, get in the zone, and start consuming. Small caps, superiors/inferiors, fractions, case-sensitive forms, ligatures, and stylistic sets are all on the plate. Now get to work.

Pufff OT Features - Case Forms

Pufff OT Features - Small Caps

Pufff OT Features - Quotes

Pufff OT Features - Blind Text Maker


Get Pufff’s PDF specimen – perfect to examine on screen or printed.



Pufff’s 1,073 glyphs cover most of Europe’s Latin-based languages, plus Afrikaans, Pinyin, and dozens more. Basic Cyrillic and Greek are also in the lineup – and all scripts have matching small caps!

Pufff – Pangrams

Pufff’s Character Set


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Berliner Buchstaben

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