Collection began as a fun side project but has been growing over the years into a huge, crazy font. Featuring (currently) 1,100 glyphs (with several thousand still to come), there will be at least 50 versions of each letter along with all the punctuation and symbols you could ask for. It is for sure our weirdest and most ambitions font to date.

Designed by: Rob Keller
Current Version: 0.2
Current № of Styles: 1
Planned № of Styles: 1
№ of Characters: 1,100 & still growing
Scripts: Latin
Current License Price: €20

Inside the Collection

We are constantly surrounded by interesting letters – be them in signs, logos, book covers, or architecture – in both real life and of course online through Instagram and websites. Many years ago I started sketching and saving random cool letters – both newly invented ones and also ones inspired by found lettering. To push them farther, I’d look for the kernel of their idea and exaggerate it to make it even more unique. In 2015 I started digitizing these sketches (about 2,500 of them!) and putting them into this font.

The methodology for how these wildly different letters would be integrated into one font began with them having equalized capital heights. This helps to keep words and lines of text as regular as possible (the letter’s widths are entirely flexible).

Next is that each letter should be as legible as possible on its own. Some wacky display typefaces out there have individual letters that might look cool, but are unrecognizable out of context. The fact that this typeface is by nature so irregular, it’s important that there is still as much legibility as possible.

The only other ‘rule’ to this design is that no two letters should look like they came from the same typeface. They are all uniquely styled, with their own weight, width, decoration, etc. In theory, the idea of any one of these glyphs could be expanded into a whole new typeface.

BTW, Collection also has it’s own Instagram account! Give it a follow to see more of this design progressing and being used!

Your Help!

Since this font is still in progress, we can easily make modifications and improvements based on your opinions. If you have any thoughts, critiques, suggestions, etc. for Collection, please let us know! This form is quick and anonymous (unless you want to share your name/contact info).
We really appreciate your help!!!

Beta Updates

v0.2 → The 10% Update 02 October, 2020
100 all new characters, 125 letters improved/redrawn, & every single glyph has been re-spaced!

v0.1 → Initial Release 18 May, 2020
Font contains 1,000 characters
The “RAND” (random) OpenType feature is implemented, but “CALT” is not yet working. If the RAND feature is not supported in your app, you’ll need to manually select letter alternates with the glyph palette. Future versions will automatically select random letters with CALT.

Collection’s Character Set


License Collection


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