Unfortunately, type-related books are rather difficult to come by in India. There are few bookshops or local websites offering design books and even university libraries generally have a very meager typography section.

This lack of public resources has compelled us to invite both research scholars and anyone looking for typographic inspiration to come visit and use our private collection. If you are interested in coming by, just send us an email to arrange a time – visits are by appointment only.

We are currently working to catalog all of the books and specimens in our collection, and we will publish the entire list here online so you see what is available.

Our library is arranged roughly by themes to help making finding sources easier. The broad groupings are: Historical, Inspirational, Monographs, Educational/How-to, Indian Scripts, Non-Latin Scripts, Hand-painted Signs, Posters, Packaging, Typographic Art, Graphic Design, Type Specimens, Technical Manuals, Languages, Magazines, Writing Primers.