The Beta Fonts Program is our exclusive outlet to preview & license our upcoming fonts. Get them here first before their “official” release and for a fraction of the cost!

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The license prices begin ridiculously low with the first beta releases, then they slowly go up with subsequent updates. The best part is: you only pay once for the fonts – so whenever you jump in and license a beta font, you’ll get all future updates and the final versions for that one payment. This means you can get a whole family for less than the price of a single font.


Updates will vary in frequency and scale. Some will feature minor improvements & enhancements (tweaked letters, more kerning, a few new symbols, etc.) – other updates will be major (new weights, scripts, tons of additional glyphs, etc.).


Our beta fonts come with full Desktop Licenses for how ever many users you require. This license is mostly meant for print or rasterized images – it does not cover web fonts or embedding into apps or ebooks. Additional users, web fonts, and embedding rights can be added to your license later at prorated costs.

Current Beta Projects


Current Version → 0.2 (Updated: 02 October, 2020)
Current Price → $20

Already in progress for five years, Collection is making rapid progress and is ready to be tested & used! The current beta version contains 1,100 glyphs, all totally different in style, to get you going with some funky designs. Collection is ideal for titles, logos, and drop caps – you probably won’t set a newspaper or book with it. But if you do, please share it with us! Also cool news: Collection was chosen by I Love Typography as one of their Favorite Fonts of 2020!

See the whole Collection!


Current Version → 0.3 (Updated: 18 May, 2021)
Current Price → $50

Lini is our latest Devanagari & Latin family and it is designed to be as condensed as reasonably possible. The first beta version is light, extremely compressed, & nearly monolinear, so we recommend using it big!

Update: Lini is a TDC 67 award winning typeface!

Check out & license Lini now!

Show Me the Mono

Current Version → 0.4 (Updated: 22 April, 2021)
Current Price → $60

Who doesn’t love monospaced fonts? Show Me the Mono is made more for front-end design – it’s not really programming. While you could code with it, you’ll probably rather use it for some rad posters, book covers, and text in artsy catalogs.

Show me Show Me the Mono!