Japanese Calligraphy Workshop Recap

Last week was our first workshop here in our shop/gallery/studio space. Instructed by Keiko Shimoda and organized by Shoko Mugikura, we had an exciting day learning all about Japanese calligraphy.

Shoko began the day with an overview of how Japan’s complex writing systems work followed by examples of historical and contemporary typography. Keiko then presented an introduction to the long tradition of calligraphy in Japan.

After these theoretical basics, it was time to get creative. Keiko explained and demonstrated every aspect of the process including the paper, ink-making, brushes, proper handling of brushes, and how to write a few characters in different styles. The participants then spent the morning intently practicing. In the afternoon they chose some simple words to learn to properly write. Keiko nicely concluded the workshop with a helpful group critique of everyone’s work.