CAPITAL: Berliner Buchstaben

This exhibition exists to celebrate the diversity of Berlin’s surprisingly large type community. We have paired the typefaces of 27 Berlin-based type designers with the work of 27 local illustrators / designers / artists. This relatively small collection features the work of a wide variety of individuals—from life-long designers to recent graduates and from design ‘celebrities’ to students. Most participants are employed full time as type/graphic designers or illustrators, but for some, their work represented here is more of a passionate side project. Through these images, one can easily appreciate the diversity of the local design scene and get a taste of the current visual gestalt.

This exhibition was on display May 19th – July 22nd, 2011

This exhibition was made possible by the generous type designers and illustrators that agreed to take part. The type designers had the task to first choose and send in a sample of one of their typefaces. From the incredible variety of submissions, we selected one letter from each design to pass along to the illustrators. The illustrators/ designers/ artists had complete freedom to interpret the letter as (s)he felt fit. Each used unique techniques to produce their smart, funny, ironic, conceptual, or purely aesthetic interpretation.

Type Designers:

Alessio Leonardi
Andrea Tinnes
Anton Koovit
Bernd Möllenstädt
Dan Reynolds
Elena Albertoni
Erik Spiekermann
Fritz Grögel
Georg Seifert
Gesine Todt
Hannes von Döhren
Jan Fromm
Jens Kutilek
Julia Sysmäläinen
Jürgen Huber
Luc(as) de Groot
Ludwig Übele
Martin Wenzel
Melle Diete
Ole Schäfer
Ralph du Carrois
Rob Keller
Roman Wilhelm
Sveinn Davíðsson
Ulrike Wilhelm
Verena Gerlach
Viktor Nübel


Apfel Zet
Auge Lorenz
Charlotte Driessen
Christine Gertsch
Christopher Breu
Claudia Silbermann
Cristóbal Schmal
Delia Keller
Dennis Michaelis
Emilia Forstreuter
Felix Bork
Ferdinand Ulrich
Kaune & Hardwig
Kerstin Hille
Klaus Rähm
Laura Dreßler
Laura Serra
Mark Frömberg
Nadine Roßa
Raban Ruddigkeit
Siggi Eggertsson
Slawek Michalt
Sonja Stange
Stepan Ueding
Stephan Müller