Mota Italic End User License Agreement (EULA) for Desktop Fonts

Version 3.0 May 2015

Please Read this Agreement carefully before purchasing, downloading, and/or installing any Mota Italic Fonts. Included herein are all rights including acceptable use and limitations regarding these Fonts.

By downloading and/or installing Mota Italic products (“Fonts” and “Web Fonts”), you accept the terms and conditions of this End User License Agreement (“EULA”). This Agreement is a binding legal contract between you the User and Mota Italic.

If you have any questions or needs not covered by this Agreement, please contact Mota Italic before making your purchase, downloading, and/or installing the Fonts.

1) Definition of terms

2) Grant of License

3) Font Usage

4) Protection of Font Data

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6) Modifications

7) Transfer of License

8) Returns

9) Warranty

10) Extra Boring Legal Stuff

10.1) Limitation and Liability

10.2) Copyright and Trademarks

10.3) Intellectual Property Rights

10.4) Amendments

10.5) Governing Law:

10.6) Duration

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