Vesper™: Weights & Styles

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The Versatile Family:

The five weights all began with the Regular. It is strong, robust, and fairly dark in color. This gives an assertive look to printed text – it isn't weak or uncertain like many other designs.

However, there are time when you might want something a more delicate impression. The Light version gives a slightly more desecrate voice to the type. It is thinner, more condensed, and has a bit less stroke contrast.

The Medium weight works well as a Semibold on it's own for headlines or short amounts of text. We like to pair the Light weights—for the main text—and the Medium weights—for emphasis. This group is available as a 4-Pack for a discounted rate over them separately.

Regular and Bold are excellent partners for text+emphasis. The Bold's high contrast gives it extra 'sparkle', but also makes it more suitable for shorter amounts of text. You can also license these four fonts as a package; it's the perfect Vesper starter pack – you can upgrade to the full family at any time.

The Heavy and Heavy Italic weights are extra of everything: thicker, louder, more contrast, and more personality. They are perfect for headlines or simply to get the reader's attention.