Vesper™ Hebrew: The Design


Vesper Hebrew* is the result of a wonderful collaboration with the incredible Israeli type designer & artist Oded Ezer. The original Latin characters spoke to him and he saw the potential for a perfectly coordinating Hebrew alphabet.

Numerous e-mails, Skype chats, and a visit to Tel Aviv later we have arrived at the perfect Hebrew companion to Vesper! This modern text type family comes in five weights for designing complex hierarchies of information.

*We generally refer to this type family as Vesper Hebrew in house. But, for you Hebrew speakers, it can also be found under the name of “רץ” ("Rutz") as in “running text.” You can learn more about, and purchase, Rutz at Oded Ezer’s site.

A Few Details:

Hebrew typefaces commonly feature strong, dark horizontal strokes. Vesper Hebrew takes a more progressive approach and has more robust verticals, shifting the normal balance slightly. This twist not only contributes to the modern appearance, but also helps it blend seamlessly with the Latin characters.

All of the characters have slightly rounded corners giving them a discrete softness. Text appears somewhat more supple and satiny than it does when using typefaces with sharp corners. The effect is muffled in small sizes but more pronounced when enlarged.

Oded understood the original sculpted approach of Vesper and translated the same feeling to his characters. The Hebrew features the same soft angles and unique transitions from thick to thin found in the Latin.

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