Vesper - 5 weights, all with italics - Made in the UK, the USA, and Germany


Vesper™ is a type family designed for setting large amounts of text while being comfortable to read – all the while quietly exuding a unique personality. The result is a typeface that projects individuality, in both text and display sizes.

Seen at larger point sizes, extra details emerge that are hidden when set smaller. The design features softly broken corners on inside curves, sloped serifs, and minutely rounded corners.

The family consists of 10 weights, all with wide language support and tons of advanced typographic features for complex typesetting.

A Few Details:

Vesper has a relatively large x-height with clear and open forms making it comfortable to read, especially in smaller sizes. Compact descenders and slightly shorter capitals allow space for diacritics without adding line spacing.

The overall look and feel of the Latin characters was inspired by the Devanagari. The slightly angled serifs and cuts in the 'ball' terminals came from the calligraphic stroke endings found in traditional Devanagari.

All of the characters have slightly rounded corners giving them a discrete softness. Text appears somewhat more supple and satiny than it does when using typefaces with sharp corners. The effect is muffled in small sizes but more pronounced when enlarged

While not overly 'angular', there are soft breaks on the inside curves – another feature inherited from Devanagari calligraphy experiments. The thick and thin transitions give Vesper its defining character..

Traditional ball terminals get unique treatments – customized for each letter.