Pufff™: The Design


Yo momma's so fat… but Pufff's fatter.

Pufff™ began as a custom typeface for the Mota Italic Gallery's first exhibition "Capital: Berliner Buchstaben". Further revised and expanded, this single fffat typeface contains a bloated character set with wide language support and tons of features that are normally reserved for "refined" typography. Ever see an elephant doing ballet? Pufff is kinda like that.

Download Pufff's PDF specimen to check it out in more detail.

So fat, this is all you need.

One weight to rule them all. Bold. Boldr. Boldest. Heavy. Extra fffat. Obese. Pufff was recently named the heavy weight champion of fonts!

When Pufff makes pancakes, he applies butter with a shovel & syrup with a fire hose.

Pufff's 1073 glyphs cover most of Europe's Latin-based languages, plus Afrikaans, Pinyin, and dozens more. Basic Cyrillic and Greek are also in the lineup – and all scripts have matching small caps!

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Pufff's Character Set

Pufff: blacker than a black hole.

The buffet of OpenType features crammed into Pufff may seem daunting, but just loosen your belt, get in the zone, and start consuming. Small caps, superiors/inferiors, fractions, case-sensitive forms, ligatures, and stylistic sets are all on the plate. Now get to work.




Pufff: tastier than chocolate. Have a taste.

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Fortune favors the bold!

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Download Pufff's PDF specimen to check it out in more detail.