Gemma™: Rotalics

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Gemma eschews the cliché cursive italics of the average type family. Rather, it features not one, but two sets of ‘rotalic’ fonts. These complimentary styles give a little poke in the retinas to call attention and emphasize text.

The style-linked, default rotalics are composed of the uprights fonts rotated clockwise 10°. So when you hit the little [i] button in your favorite text editor you’ll get this ‘italic’ style. There is also an additional ‘super rotalic’ style featuring 20 awesome degrees of rotation. Use with caution.

It should also be noted incase it’s not obvious… you can’t simply rotate all the letters and expect to have nice spacing and kerning. All 30 rotalic fonts have been individually re-spaced and kerned to look their best for you.

twist and shout

Rotalics are awesome