Gemma™: The Design

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Gemma™ wants to be your best friend. Like best friends, she’s there for you for you when you need her. When you have some complex typographic situations she provides an extensive and impeccably crafted range of characters and styles. When you want to kick back she’s also ready to party with loads of fun additions.

One upon a time, Gemma began as a quick weekend study to be a replacement for informal typefaces like Comic Sans. It was rough, with an almost paper-cut style, but slowly evolved into something much more refined & sophisticated. Over the (five) years of development the jagged outlines were all but worn away, the forms became universally smoother & more even.

From the initial regular weight spawned 14 more – forming a rather large family. Greek, Cyrillic, and and numerous OpenType features were added to enable these typefaces to be useful for a huge variety of intricate situations.

Download Gemma's PDF specimen to check it out in more detail.

weights and widths

The five weights and three weights give you a diverse toolkit to work with. Chances are one of these weight/width combinations will make your content looks and fit perfectly.


Each font comes equipped with not just one, not two, not three, but four different scripts, resulting in support for over a hundred languages. This doesn’t even get into all the typographic extras and expert add-ins to give you tons of flexibility when typesetting complex information.


Gemma has not one (true) italic companion, but TWO funky “rotalic” versions for each upright. You will have fun with this unconventional alternative to boring old italics.