Gemma™: OpenType Features

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Small Caps:

Every self-respecting type family comes with small caps don’t they?
These cute little capitals’ heights are in relation more to the x-height than the full-sized caps, so those they have different heights in each width.

Alternate forms:

There are also many contextual and stylistic alternates to help refine the shape of your text.

The context-aware “i” will lose it’s horizontal bar when it get’s uncomfortably close to certain other letters. This helps subtly even out your text by avoiding some larger-than-necessary white spaces inside words.

There are stylistic alternates for a few characters depending on your tastes or needs. They can be accessed with various stylistic sets.


We have a added in a bit more than the standard set of ligatures found in text faces.

German has some special rules regarding ligatures and when they can or can not be used. For German language text blocks, ligatures are automatically disabled. Instead there is a contextual f character with a shorter terminal to help avoid letter clashes and make more even spacing.

German alternate f

A Number of Number Styles:

There are 16 sets of figures included in each font. There is every possible style you might want, and even a few your probably will never need.

Alien Transliteration:

For those of you not able to natively, or fluently type in Futurama Alienese, we have a handy feature built in for you. Simply type in your native Latin-based language and activate the pending-patent-pending ‘Universal Alienese Transliterator’ feature (SS14), and instantly your text is rendered unreadable by most non-virginal humanoids.

Gemma Alienese

Friends and Lovers Feature:

With the power of OpenType the included society of little people can skip the awkward getting-to-know-you phase and just straight to being good buddies.

Gemma people
Gemma people