Gemma™: Multiple Master Dingbats

Gemma - Multiple Master Dingbats - Slide 1

Like the rest of the ingredients in Gemma’s repertoire, these dingbats are simultaneously both serious and playful. Each weight has it’s own collection of symbols and icons to enhance your typesetting and have a bit of fun with.

Included are highly practical items such as arrows, check boxes, little symbols. Many of these fall into the new Unicode 6 code blocks. Our favorite is probably the slice of pizza :)

Finally, there are crazy random dingbats thrown in for fun and for the random possibility of use for some. Of note are the 10 mustaches, 5 butterflies, 6 sculls, and a crabby crab.

There are essentially 5 sets of dingbats. They change through the weights, but not with the widths. Below is the entire collection of dingbats.