Fip™ — NEW!: The Design


Say “Hello World” to Fip

Born under the watchful stares of the Berlin type and art scene, Fip was designed live in a gallery for the exhibition “In Progress:”.

After one month of development in the gallery, the release was scheduled to coincide with the show’s closing party. However, in the last days of the work, rather than finishing up the design and preparing final files, the scope of the project was greatly expanded to include more styles, features, and Cyrillic.

Fast forward a couple years and finally Fip is ready to be set free. It’s evolved into a massive family of 64 monospaced fonts that feature a wide range of different styles. The diversity of this family offers unique flexibility for many different tastes and projects.

Download Fip's PDF specimen to check it out in more detail.

It's all in the details

There are several noticeable features that make Fip immediately recognizable:

Comprehensive Character Set

The Latin portion of Fip covers Central and Western European languages. Especially for our Eastern European friends, Fip features the Adobe Extended Cyrllic character set. All in all, the 717 glyphs cover 294 languages

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Fip's Character Set

Fip vs Fip Rounded

The ‘original’ version of Fip is somewhat decorative with various cuts and notches on serifs, corners, and terminals.

The Rounded version features not just rounded corners – it has a softer and more simplified design than the original.

Fip Sans

Sliced & severed serifs secures Sans’ style. Astute typographers will notice how the lack of seriffed ornamentation drastically alters the feel of the design. Between harshly removing the serifs and delicately adjusting select forms & proportions, Fip Sans has a clear and streamlined presence – for when less is more.

Fip Rough

Harking back to the good ol’ days, the rough versions of Fip are reminiscent of splotchy typewriters and cheap printing. These fonts give a warm, organic feel for when straight lines and sharp vectors are just toooo perfect.

Rough versions come complimentary (yes FREE!) alongside every purchase of the un-rough fonts.

Special web-optimized versions are included in the Web font packages. The normal OTF versions of the Rough fonts are quite large (700-800kb), and most of the details get lost in the pixels. So the optimized version are more simple and the files weigh in around 85-90kb each (105-110kb with Cyrillic included).

Every Individual Weight & Style

Why wait? Go ahead and get Fip now!

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Download Fip's PDF specimen to check it out in more detail.