How much does a font cost?

How can I extend my existing license for more users?

How can I pay?

What is your privacy policy?

How do you deliver your fonts?

How fast can I have the font?

I have licensed the wrong font. Can I swap?

I have changed my mind about my order. Can I cancel?

I lost my font. Can I redownload?

What currencies do you accept?

How does your licensing work?

I can get free fonts anywhere, why are your licenses so expensive?

Do you offer student or non-profit discounts?

What is a WEB Font?


Do you offer custom font designs?

How can I purchase an OEM license?

How can I purchase a multiple site license?

Can I have one of your fonts customized for my company's needs?

Your font is missing an important character for me. Can you add it in?

I have a font (not made by you), can you make some changes for me?

What other services do you offer?


How do I install my fonts on Mac OSX?

How do I install my fonts on Windows 2000/ME/XP/2003/Vista?

What font formats do you offer?

I don’t get this whole OpenType font thing. Will OpenType fonts work for me?

But I really really need an old PostScript/TrueType font...

Why do you produce .TTF instead of .OTF-OpenType fonts?

I installed several fonts from one font family, but in my font menu I don't see all of them.

I have installed my fonts and none of them appear in my Adobe font menus.

How can I exchange documents cross-platform without dataloss?

Are your fonts Unicode encoded?

Are your OpenType fonts compatible with other fonts?