Mister K & Franz Kafka

On display November 16th – December 22nd, 2012

Curated by Stephen Coles, this exhibition celebrates the metallic emblems that gave names and life to vintage automobiles, domestic appliances, and other consumer objects. Hundreds of photographs (as well as some real, physical examples) take visitors on a nostalgic trip through the trends and eccentricities of this ubiquitous but unsung lettering, from the first electrified homes to the streets of mid-century America.

Learn and see more from the collection's website at Chromeography.

A Very Special Thanks To:
Chris Hamamoto, for development
Laura Serra, for the exhibition logo
Martin Alford
Eric Bruckbauer
Delicious Industries
Roderick Fenn
Florian Hardwig
Thomas Hawk
Grant Hutchinson
Lauri Johnston
Randy von Liski
R. Gust Smith

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