Blacklecker: tasty fraktur

This installation is comprised of 22 unique, modern typefaces that interpret the blackletter style in new and exciting ways. Through these designs, common stereotypes and connotations often associated with traditional blackletter types are severed, allowing this genre to advance with the times and serve new and interesting roles in contemporary design.

The show runs from November 5th – December 23rd, 2011.

Featuring the typefaces:
Adso /// Bruno Bernard
Astloch /// Dan Rhatigan
Bastard /// Jonathan Barnbrook
Birdy /// Veronika Burian
Blaktur /// Ken Barber
Bois /// Yassin Baggar
Brea /// Corey Holms
Fakir /// Underware
Ferox /// Miles Newlyn
FF Brokenscript /// Just van Rossum
Flat10 Fraktur /// Ryoichi Tsunekawa
Frank /// Anton Studer
Hinterland /// Fritz Grögel
Horst /// Falk Schwalbe
JAF Herb /// Tim Ahrens
KF Fleischwurst /// Frank Grießhammer
Litteratra /// Karsten Luecke
Marian Black /// Paul Barnes
Metalista /// Tomáš Brousil
Moyenage /// František Štorm
Sabbath Black /// Miles Newlyn
Totally Gothic /// Zuzana Ličko

Images from the Opening Party on November 4th.

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